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Just Rewards Were Made In The End

, , , , , | Working | January 29, 2020

(My friend and his husband have gone into a popular coffee chain in a store in a small-ish town.)

Friend: *after ordering* “I have some rewards in the app I plan to use to pay today.”

Barista: “Okay, no problem.”

(My friend scans his phone and it uses up the rest of the money on his card.)

Barista: “You still owe [amount].”

Friend: “Why? I told you I was planning to use rewards.”

Barista: “Oh, we don’t take those here.”

Friend: “Oh, okay, that’s fine. Still, it would have been nice to know that before, when I told you that was how I was planning to pay.”


(That last line is just dripping with sarcasm. She actually rolls her eyes. My friend pays the bill and he and his husband have a brief conversation about how she is unprofessional and they won’t be back. Not long after, his husband gets a message via social media from another employee of the coffee shop.)

Employee: “Were you just in the [Coffee Chain] at [Location] a little while ago?”

Friend’s Husband: “Yes, my husband and I were there.”

Employee: “Thanks for talking s*** the whole time you were there. We aren’t deaf, and if you don’t want to come here, there are two other [Coffee Chains] in [City] that would love to have you.”

(My friend called the store and had a long talk with the manager. Being rude to a customer is one thing, but to track down and harass them on social media is just downright stupid.)

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