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Just One-Upped The Debate Team

, | Learning | September 29, 2014

(I’ve joined the debate club in my school, and when we aren’t actually doing anything productive, we have smaller debates between each other about things we enjoy. Classmate #1 and I have gotten into a debate about which is the better Mario brother.)

Classmate #1: “Dude, Mario is totally the better one! That’s why he has so many more games! He’s better than Luigi at everything.”

Me: “Bro, you could not be more wrong. Luigi is better in every way possible. Not only is he taller, I’ve done the math and he can jump six feet higher. He can also float when he jumps. He has one of the best weapons in all of gaming, the ‘Poltergust 3000,’ and even though it’s an obvious Ghostbusters rip-off, the thing can shoot fire, which, if he and Mario fought, could burn Mario to a crisp in a matter of seconds. He might be clumsier than Mario, but that only adds to his charm. Furthermore, he is faster than Mario, and better skilled with his weapons. He has appeared in almost every game Mario has been in, as a playable character no less, plus some of his own, meaning that technically, Luigi has even more games than Mario does. Also, this is entirely based in opinion, but not only is green a much better colour than red, his moustache is even better.”

Classmate #1: *speechless*

Classmate #2: “[My Name], if you did half as well as that than when we were actually working, we would get so much done…”

(To this day, we have debates about other things, too, but the Mario one has always been my favourite.)

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