They Have Just One Job…

, , , , | Working | September 6, 2017

(I have submitted my CV to a number of recruitment agencies, and have been getting a good amount of responses. I have never had to “fire” an agency before, but their vacancies are worse than the rejections.)

Agency: “Can you call me back about this great job in maintenance that I think you would be perfect for?”

(I spent six months working in maintenance, ten years ago.)

Agency: “What do you think of this vacancy?” *shows me job with a two-hour commute, a full hour and a half farther than I wanted to travel*

Agency: “This role as a quality engineer sounds perfect for you. It’s 15 minutes from your door, and the right pay”

(It’s for a food company, a notorious industry that will block any applicant that hasn’t had any prior experience [like me]. I apply on his recommendation, and surprise, never hear anything.)

Agency: “I have sent you some jobs. Please look over them and let me know.” *sends me 20 jobs, seemingly randomly plucked out of the air, anything from stacking shelves to director levels that I am no way qualified for*

(When I called to ask them to stop, the agent actually blamed me, and told me that there were no jobs for someone of my skills. I accepted a job a few days later.)

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