Just Not Getting The Message

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(As I am processing purchase invoices, I come across one from an unfamiliar supplier. Upon closer inspection. I notice that I have only been given page three of three and the delivery address is to a business farther down the road. Normally, I would pop it into an envelope and deliver it myself or give it back to the postman. However, as I only have page three, I think it will be best to request that the supplier resend their invoice. I call the company at approximately 17:05.)

Automated Message: “As our offices are closed, you will be redirected to our messaging service.”

(I wait for the beep so I can leave my message but a person answers the phone, instead.)

Person: “Hello. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hello, my name is [My Name] and I’m calling from [Company]. The postman has delivered an invoice to us by mistake and, as I only have page three, I can’t forward this on. Would you please resend invoice [number]?”

Person: “Sorry, but we are just a messaging service for [Supplier].”

(My mistake. I thought because it was so close to normal closing hours, maybe someone had picked it up rather than letting it go through to voicemail.)

Me: “Okay. Would you please ask them to resend invoice [number], as it has been delivered to the wrong address?”

Person: “No, we are just a messaging service for [Supplier].”

Me: “Could you please pass the message that they need to resend invoice [number]?”

Person: “No. We cannot do this. You have not come through to [Supplier]. We are just a company that they hire to take messages out-of-hours.”

Me: “Yes. I understand that. You do not work for [Supplier]; you work for a messaging company but you don’t seem to want to take my message.”

Person: “Well, we just need your name and number and then they can call you back in the morning.”

Me: “I see. That’s fine. My name is [My Name] and I work for [Company]. My direct dial is [phone number].”

Person: “Okay, that’s [repeats info back to me].”

Me: “That’s correct.”

Person: “And do you have a message you’d like me to pass on?”

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