Just Losing It

| Working | September 25, 2014

(We have been getting some very welcome rain, but it has resulted to driving away the few potential customers we have. This means that many times, my shift is cut off early because we are overstaffed compared to the customer volume. I am counting one book section one rainy day when my store manager comes over.)

Store Manager: “[My Name]… I’m afraid I’m going to have to lose you. Permanently.”

(I feel the color drain from my face.)

Store Manager: “No, I’m just kidding! But seriously, I have to lose you. I know. It’s so sad.”

(He fake cries, leaving me very confused and disoriented. I know he likes to mess with his workers, but at this point, I’m not so sure.)

Me: “So… just for today?”

Store Manager: “Yes, yes, for today! Trust me, if it were permanent we’d be having this conversation in the back. Like, ‘Uh, [My Name]… we need to talk.'”

Me: “Well, I assure you I had nothing to do with that burned down orphanage— I mean, shhh!”

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