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Just Like The Waterfall, It’s All Downhill From Here

, , , , | Right | May 6, 2021

Our gift store has wall-to-wall windows. You also have to walk past Niagara Falls (the actual waterfall) to get into the store. I am stocking the shelves when a lady approaches me. Judging by her accent she is likely from the States.

Tourist: “Excuse me, where is the waterfall?”

I am standing with my back to the windows, from which you can clearly see the falls.

Me: *Surprised but polite* “Just outside, ma’am.”

Tourist: “No, the Canadian one.”

I’m taken aback and not sure what she means. I assume she wants to know which is which, so I clarify.

Me: “The Canadian one is called the Horseshoe falls and is shaped in a curve, just next to the American-owned half.”

Tourist: “But where is it? Can I only look at the Canadian one?”

Me: “Just go straight out the doors, ma’am.”

Tourist: “Can you show me?”

Me: “Ma’am, unfortunately, I cannot leave the store. But the doors are just behind me.”

Tourist: “Well, you’re useless!”

She stormed out and left me absolutely confused.

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