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Just Lawyered Yourself, Part 6

, , , , | Working | March 7, 2023

I work in an office that develops software solutions for our clients. My boss comes over to my desk and drops a folder on my desk. The actual techy speak during this conversation is complicated and boring so I’ve simplified and condensed. This is also a long time ago when custom and large software requests cost time and money.

Boss: “New ticket from a client. They’re a major client so this takes priority.”

I take a quick look and then walk back over to my boss.

Me: “This ticket…”

Boss: “Yes?”

Me: “It’s from [Law Firm]. They want us to create a tool to securely migrate their client files from [old system] to a newer secure system.”

Boss: “It’s a simple migration protocol. You’ve done way harder.”

Me: “They also want us to create the newer secure system.”

Boss: “What!”

Me: “Yeah, they snuck that in there near the end. A single page saying we are to create the new secure system that the files will be moved to with a list of requirements. Probably think they can charge less by making it look like a simple migration.”

Boss: “I… I didn’t read it all.”

Me: “You didn’t read a document sent to you from a bunch of lawyers?”

Boss: “Yes, that was probably a bit silly of me, wasn’t it?”

The ticket was pre-processed through the correct channels, and a system was finally created for the law firm… about a year later and for a lot more money than the original ticket!


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