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Just Lawyered Yourself, Part 5

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I work in a store that sells electronics and tech. I had a woman come in who tried to return an opened box of software. We didn’t allow returns on those because of the ease of copying them and just getting your money back after.

I tried to explain the policy to her, but she wasn’t having it. 

Customer: “It’s not my fault that my computer can’t run the software!”

Me: “Ma’am, on every program we sell, it says what operating system the program is compatible with, as well as what components your computer needs to have to be able to handle it. It is your job to check those and not buy programs that don’t fit with your system.”

Customer: “I would like to speak to a manager.”

That, of course, failed. The manager told her the exact same thing I had.

Customer: “Fine, I guess I’ll call my lawyer.”

Me: *Shrugging* “That’s your choice, ma’am.”

She pushed maybe two buttons on her phone. Within three seconds, she had the “receptionist” in the line and asked for her “lawyer” by first name. Within a few seconds, he was on the line. She told him that she had opened software that had not been installed and she wanted to return it and asked what the law said. 

Looking at me, she quoted him:

Customer: “‘The law says they have to take it back.'”

She thanked him, hung up, looked and me, and said:

Customer: “Well?”

Me: “That is completely untrue, and you should fire your lawyer for lying to you. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.”

She sure didn’t like that! She threw the box, which hit me. I had to put my arm up so it hit my arm instead of my face.

Me: “And that’s assault. Do be a dear and call your lawyer back to ask them about what happens next.”

She just walked off, swearing a blue streak and yelling the usual promises to never come back.

She REALLY didn’t like being stopped by security for throwing things at employees. Or having the police called on her. OR being charged. It was a very unfunny situation… for her!

What’s funny about this her call to the “lawyer” was…

1) I don’t know of any lawyer that will, off the cuff, state that stores have to take back a product regardless of their openly stated and printed policies. (Such things would have to be carefully researched before a lawyer would tell a client anything of the sort.)

2) I certainly don’t know of a lawyer that would answer a call like that…

2a) at lunchtime…

2b) on Labor Day!

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