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Just Lawyered Yourself, Part 3

, , , | Right | July 17, 2021

When customers buy from us, the articles get shipped from our warehouses. If the shipping gets lost either in delivery or return, in most cases, we will ask the customer to fill out a legal statement and send it to us by email. It’s for basic information about the customer, the article that got lost, date, and a signature.

Most customers get it right after one or two errors — sometimes it is just an issue with the picture being big or clear enough to read — but this caller refuses to do it at all because it’s hard.

Caller: “If I — a lawyer! — think it is difficult to fill this out correctly, how difficult do you think it is for a cashier at a grocery store or a 7/11 kiosk?”

Lady… you’d better get down from that high horse. The rest of us are only seeing you from an unflattering angle. 

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Just Lawyered Yourself

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