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Just What Kind Of Game Do You Think You’re Playing?

, , , , | Right | October 5, 2017

(We’re selling refurbished game consoles, with two games for free, as a promo deal on a flyer. The problem is, one of those games isn’t out until later in the week.)

Customer: “Can I get a copy of this game? I was never told about it when I bought the console.”

Me: “Sir, that game doesn’t come out until Thursday; it’s Monday.”

(For reference, our flyers come out every Friday morning.)

Customer: “But your flyer says the console and these two games are $349!”

Me: “It does, sir, but we can’t break street date on the game. You’ll have to come back on Thursday to get the game. In the meantime, we’ll be happy to put it on hold for you.”

Customer: “This is f***** ridiculous. Just get me the game now. And I want a discount.”

Me: “Sir, we can’t. We physically don’t have the game here. We don’t get copies until Thursday, when it comes out.”

(Long story short, after yelling at me, another sales associate, and the manager, and demanding the CEO’s number, he left. I found out he came back Thursday and bought the game at full price.)