Just Keep On Trucking

, , | Hopeless | July 22, 2016

(I’m selling my truck and a couple has contacted me to take a test drive. I meet them at the local hamburger place which is always very crowded so I think it a safe place. They pull into the parking space next to me in a beat up old truck held together with rope and duct tape. The couple appears to be in their mid-to-late sixties.)

Woman: *to the man* “Oh, look, Joseph. It is just like my old truck, the same color, the same year, just like she said.”

Man: “Are you sure you want the same truck again, honey?”

Woman: “Yes, I’ve been saving my money for two years now just for this. Ever since the accident it’s been so hard sharing our one truck. We need to buy this one so you don’t have to drive me to work every day.”

Man: *to me* “Do you mind if she drives it on the highway and I follow in my truck to see if your truck is aligned correctly?”

Me: *thinking I may never see my truck again* “Sure. I promise it has never been in a wreck.”

(They drive off. I wait, and worry a bit. They come back 15 minutes later.)

Man: “We’ll take it.”

(He starts to hand me the cash. Just at that moment a homeless man jumps out from between the trucks and starts towards me. I let out a shriek. The woman quickly moves to stand between me and the homeless guy.)

Woman: *to me* “Don’t worry; Joseph will take care of it.”

(Joseph calmly walks over and takes the homeless man gently by the arm and leads him into the hamburger place. They stay in there for a while and then Joseph comes out alone.)

Woman: *to me* “As I said, Joseph will take care of it. Joseph always takes care of it.”

Me: *to both of them* “How?”

Man: “That man was hungry; I could tell. I took him inside and I bought him dinner and I said to him ‘you sit in here in the air conditioning and you eat this meal and then you’ll feel better.'” *to me* “And here is the money for the truck; it’s all there, every dollar.”

(And it was. These people clearly had very little, were total strangers to me, and while I could only stand there in fear, their first reaction was to protect me and to help the homeless man. To this day I choke up when sharing this story.)

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