Just In The Click Of Time

| Working | February 8, 2013

(I am out of town when my husband starts showing signs of extreme dehydration, as well as some strange symptoms, meaning hospitalization. We call a friend to take him, but are all new to the area and are having trouble finding info about local hospitals. My husband calls the 24 hour nurse line for our insurance.)

Nurse: “Nurse Line, how may I help you?”

Husband: “I need to go to the hospital. What is the closest one in our network?”

Nurse: “What are your symptoms?”

(My husband gives her the symptoms.)

Nurse: “When did they start?”

(He gives the general timeline, but she keeps asking for more details. He starts panicking and repeatedly states he needs to go to a hospital. Finally, after 15 minutes it clicks in the nurse’s mind…)

Nurse: “You need to go to the hospital!”

Husband: “YESSSS! Where is the nearest one?!”

Nurse: “Let me transfer you to the correct department…”

Husband: *speechless*

(Thankfully, my husband is fine!)

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