Just Drove Straight On Through The Listening Part

, , | Right | May 16, 2019

(In our drive-thru, customers pay at one window where their order is repeated back to make sure it is correct, and then they proceed to the second window where they get their food. I just gave one lady her food when she looks up and says:)

Customer: “This is all wrong.”

Me: “Sorry, what’s the problem?

(She tells me all the extra food she needs. It’s a lot — too much to give out for free. Because this is the third order in a row that is wrong, I ask her:)

Me: “Did they check your order at the first window?”

Customer: “Oh, yeah, they said something. I just said yes.”

Me: “You know that you are supposed to listen to them and tell them if your order is right or not, right?”

Customer:Well, you’re supposed to get my order right!”

Me: “How can we do that if you don’t tell us if we get it wrong?”

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