Just Don’t Get Married In Boring, Maryland

| Romantic | December 12, 2013

(My boyfriend and I have been discussing marriage. We have decided we would like to get married on Halloween. The state we live in happens to have a city genuinely called Hell. I text him excitedly.)

Me: “So, since we’re getting married on Halloween, do you want to get married in Hell?”

Boyfriend: “Haha! Sure!”

Me: “Yes! Whoo hoo! We’re dark! Just so you know, I would also marry you on Valentine’s Day in Loveland. Or any day. In any city.”

Boyfriend: “Easter on Easter Island? Christmas on Christmas Island? Columbus Day in Columbus, Ohio?”

Me: “Canada Day in Canada, even! Boxing Day in a Boxing ring! Wearing nothing but socks. Decorations only clocks. My maid of honor would be a fox! And instead of rings, we’d exchange keys to locks!”

Boyfriend: “Badabing!”

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