Just Cause

| Learning | January 27, 2014

(Our teacher is out and we’re watching a film. It’s got nothing to do with the curriculum so I let myself fall asleep. I wake up to find half the room destroyed and a student being dragged out of the room by the security officers and the principal. There are only a few people in the class so there are a lot of empty desks.)

Me: “What did I miss?”

Friend: “[Student] didn’t want to watch the film and started being annoying. The teacher asked him to stop but he said that you weren’t watching it so he wasn’t going to either. Then the teacher said that you weren’t bothering anyone while he was bothering her. [Student] started freaking out and throwing the desks around so the teacher called the officers. They tackled him, and now he’s going to the office.”

Me: “I always miss the good stuff.”

Friend: “You always cause the good stuff!”

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