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Just Call The Customer An A**hole And Spare Us This Awkwardness

, , , , , , | Working | July 13, 2021

I’ve recently started working in a call center. It’s a relatively quiet period of the day, so the majority of us are not currently on calls. One of my colleagues finishes his call, hangs up, and angrily mutters:

Colleague: “What an absolute d*****bag!”

We all laugh and commiserate.

Team Leader: “What is a d*****bag, anyway?”

There are a few shrugs, but nobody offers an answer.

Me: “It’s… a device for… ahem… intimate cleansing.”

Some people understand, but [Team Leader] is still uncertain. She asks me to explain more clearly. As mentioned, this is still quite a new job, so I’m trying to keep my descriptions professional and polite.

Me: “You use it to clean your… private areas. It’s mainly for feminine use but can be used for cleaning the… uhh… backside, as well.”

[Team Leader] still looks confused. I start to flounder. I’m not sure how much more descriptive I can be without using cruder language that I’m not really comfortable saying in front of these people.

Then, another woman on the team comes to my rescue.

Woman: “It’s for washing out your a*** and fanny!”