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Just Burst Their Kentucky Fried Bubble, Part 2

| Learning | November 17, 2013

(I am from the UK, studying in the US for a semester. I have a fairly obvious accent. It is a large campus, so I am not sure if I am at the right dorm to check in.)

Me: “Pardon me, but is this where I check in?”

Receptionist: “Sorry, miss. This is the international dorm.”

Me: “Oh, so I’m at the right place. My name is [Name] and I’m supposed to live in [room number].”

Receptionist: “No. This is the international dorm. You’re at the wrong place.”

Me: “But I’m international.”

Receptionist: “No, you’re not.”

Me: “Can I speak to a manager? I need to check in. I’m an international student.”

Receptionist: “You can’t be an international student! You’re white!”

(Eventually a manager did come and check me in. I was given $10 in the school cash that I could use at any of their convenient stores for my troubles.)


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