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Just Because You Said The Thing, It Doesn’t Mean It’s True

, , , | Right | CREDIT: TheAonCraicen | July 6, 2022

A customer walks in with a [Brand] 43″ TV to book it in for repair under his insurance.

Mistake #1: I don’t bring up the full details of the policy on the till because the letter he brought with his insurance information outlines the item that is covered but not the model or size. It is only after I book the TV that I bring up his full details. It turns out it is for a 50″  [Brand] rather than the 43″.

Me: “Sir, the TV you brought in isn’t the one that is covered under our insurance.”

Customer: “It should be covered anyway.”

Me: “It isn’t because it’s not the one on the policy. Even if it was sent away for repair, it would be sent straight back to the store.”

I offer to try to find a receipt for his 43″ [Brand] and see if that also has insurance on it. Then, I notice a particular sticker on the original box he brought to the store.

Me: “Sir, this TV is from [Competitor]. We wouldn’t have a record of your purchase.”

Customer: “That’s irrelevant. I did purchase the TV here.”

We go back and forth for a bit.

Customer: “The customer is always right! Just take off the [Competitor] sticker.”

Of course, I refused because I was not going to destroy proof of where it was bought from.

The manager eventually got involved. This resulted in more stupid arguments from the customer. At one point, he said, “If the TV was used as a murder weapon, then how would it be traced back to where it was bought from?”

What the actual f***?

After wasting a solid hour and half of our time, he relented and left.

Question of the Week

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