Just Be-Cous

| Related | May 22, 2013

(My family of two younger sisters, our father, and I, have just sat down to dinner.)

Dad: “Hey, can you pass the couscous?”

Me: “You know, if this were made with a large waterfowl, it would be called goose-cous.”

Dad: “Or if it were liquid, it could be juice-cous.”

Me: “Or if it was made with coniferous trees, it would be spruce-cous.”

Dad: “In Canada, they’d have moose-cous.”

(By now both little sisters are rolling their eyes, but we keep going.)

Me: “Trains could have caboose-cous.”

Dad: “Batman has Bruce-cous.”

Me: “If you ate it while tied at tennis it would be deuce-cous.”

Dad: “If you hung it from a rope it would be noose-cous.”

Me: “If you added cocaine, you could call it substance abuse-cous.”

Dad: “If you put it in a channel that conducts water, it would be sluice-cous.”

Me: “The Greek gods had Zeus-cous!”

Dad: “Theodor Geisel eats Seuss-cous!”

Little Sister: “You guys have a few screws loose.”

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