Just Another Closet Case

, , , , | Right | June 26, 2018

(The doctor’s office where I work is very small, as it only accommodates one doctor. The way the office is set up, the only bathroom is just around the corner from the storage closet. Because the storage closet door is always closed, many patients initially mistake it for the bathroom. Because of this, and because many of our patients are elderly and prone to forgetfulness, I have made a habit of reminding all patients who ask for the bathroom that it is “straight back and around the corner.” On this particular day, a gentleman who has not been to the office in over a year comes in for an appointment and asks for the bathroom.)

Me: “Sure. It’s straight back and right—”

Patient: *sharply* “I know where it is! I’ve been here before!”

(He proceeded to walk into the storage closet.)

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