Just A Little Stroll

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I work in product allocations for a well-known children’s store chain at their head office.

One day, I get a phone call from a store that has a bit of a strange and upsetting situation.

A woman and her seven-year-old son have gotten into a car accident, as pedestrians. He is severely autistic, as well as having several other disabilities that mean that he cannot walk for long distances. He has a special stroller, which has since been discontinued. The stroller was destroyed in the car accident.

The store phones me because they cannot find a way to order the stroller anywhere. We literally don’t sell it anymore and we were one of the only places in the UK that did. The mother needs it ASAP because they are being released from the hospital and don’t have a car. She is injured so can’t carry him. She is a single mum.

I manage to find the stroller in the stock files of a store about 80 miles away from me — 350 total miles from the mum and child. I phone the store, but the manager isn’t helpful. He just says he is too busy and that they don’t have it, even though their files very clearly say that they do. 

Their stocktake was only last week, so I am certain it is accurate.

Lucky for me, because of my job, I can schedule impromptu store visits. I drive down to the store and search the stockroom for this hidden stroller for a few hours before finding it. I phone the mother’s local store and tell them to expect it.

After loading it onto a truck to travel another two hundred miles, the local store assistant meets the truck right before her shop closes and drives the stroller to the children’s hospital to give to the mum. She does the full demonstration and then drives the woman and her son home and gets them settled.

When I speak to the store assistant later, I learn that she and the woman have become close friends.

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