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Jurassic Breakfast

| Related | September 2, 2015

(My entire family is eating breakfast. All six of us are trying to get my three-year-old brother to eat French toast. He is refusing for whatever silly reason (very picky about food). Being the oldest sister at 11, I give refuse to give up.)

Me: *I point to the French toast and in an excited voice tell him* “Brother, these are DINOSAUR EGGS! THAT ONE IS A T-REX AND THIS ONE IS A TRICERATOPS. I’M GOING TO EAT A PLATEOSAURUS.”

Brother: *looks at me with wide eyes* “Really?” *awed voice*

Me: “Yup.” *I start eating mine* “If you eat them they grow in your tummy and make you strong.”

(Mom, Dad, and two sisters are looking at me funny. He starts to eat them.)

Dad: *looks at me* “But wha…”

Mom: “Shush! He’s eating now. Shut up.”

(Took five years for dinosaur eggs to be called French toast.)

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