Junk Mail: Universally Hated, Part 2

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Shortly after this story was published, political season rolled around again, and thus the sequel. To clarify for non-Americans, junk mail comes in via non-postal-workers, usually volunteers in the case of political fliers.

I send the usual alert when the first flier comes, a polite message to the political party’s website. It points out that my sign is quite clear and asks for them not to do it again.

Two weeks later, there’s another one from the same party. The fun times begin!

I find a list online of every party member and go through adding their emails to a single bulk email. Once again, I politely inform them that their letter has ended up in my box and that since my first request against this was ignored, I am making sure that I send the message to every person who might be able to stop it. It includes a slightly less polite comment that I feel it shows their lack of commitment to listening to the voting populace and a lack of respect for people’s choices, and that this action will prompt me to try and dissuade others from voting for them.

Forty-five people in all are privy to this email. Some have automatic replies; some don’t. I leave it a few hours, and by the end of day four, members of the party have apologised and forwarded my complaint to the area manager for the volunteers. I thank them and go on my merry way.

Then, the next day, somewhere around 5:00 pm, one of these people emails me back angrily saying that they didn’t want my spam email, and I should know they’re in another part of the country and therefore they don’t have to listen to me or my complaints.

I thank him, too, pointing out that by his very response, he has proven my point about the sign on my letterbox.

I then forward this reply to the four of his colleagues, who also don’t live in my area, but were willing to help and apologise for a mistake by others of their party. I get the feeling number five is going to regret that response very soon.

Junk Mail: Universally Hated

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