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Junk For Your Junk

| Romantic | March 8, 2013

(I am browsing through my junk mail folder, which I do from time to time. My husband is in the same room playing video games. It is important to note that my email address is my first name and last name separated by a period, and I am most definitely female.)

Me: “So, apparently I can grow my manhood by two to four inches permanently.”

Husband: “You know, I’m not sure that product is for you. It might be perfect for other people, but really, I don’t think you need it.”

Me: “Yeah, I guess.” *excitedly* “Oh, hey, some nice lady named Hannah thinks I’m a mighty man!”

Husband: “I think Hannah might have misread your name.”

Me: “She wants to know how I’m doing!”

Husband: “Well, that’s nice…”

Me: “Oh, also, apparently my man-parts are fed up with sex…”

Husband: “Well, if it doesn’t want sex, then what’s the point of having it?”

Me: “That’s okay, there’s some local girls looking for booty calls in my area. Maybe one of them can help.”

Husband: “Seems legit…”

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