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Junior Maid Causing Major Problems

, , , , | Related | CREDIT: msfinch87 | October 18, 2020

I am getting married. My partner and I decide to ask his niece to be a junior bridesmaid so as to avoid problems with family politics. The first sign of drama was when her mother, my sister-in-law, suggested that I make her my “Junior Maid of Honour”, because she had a “special relationship” with me, more so apparently than the other junior bridesmaids. This was news to me, and WTF even is that?!

Then I was asked to give her a “job” to do so she felt important. I wasn’t keen on this because of the added complexity but nevertheless figured something out to avoid problems.

A couple of months down the track when nothing had been done I queried it and was told that she was completely overwhelmed and suffering extreme anxiety and the burden I had placed on her was unfair. The job? Choosing from a selection of three different earrings for the junior bridesmaids, which I had confirmed with her mother was appropriate before asking.

I apologised (with a lot of eye-rolling) and withdrew the “job”. I was then accused of not making her feel important enough.

I was then asked by my sister-in-law if I could arrange to have robes for my bridesmaids because her daughter wanted them, and it was specified to me what slogan should be on them.

I was livid and refused, but was then told that my sister-in-law would buy one for (only) her daughter if I wouldn’t do it. So I went out and organised the robes so I wasn’t faced with a situation of two other little girls sobbing because they missed out and that brat prancing around rubbing their noses in it, and also so I didn’t end up with a tacky slogan designed by an eleven-year-old.

Then we got to the food. His niece wanted McDonald’s at the reception. I explained that this would not be possible, that the restaurant would not allow external food to be brought in, and frankly, neither would I because unless a guest has a medical issue it’s just downright rude.

I was told that she had to be allowed to get McDonald’s because that’s all she’ll eat and she couldn’t go hungry. I told her it simply wasn’t possible. My sister-in-law then threatened not to attend the wedding if we wouldn’t accommodate her daughter.

I removed them from the bridal party and told them where to go. The response? “So what are you going to do about the food?”

She’s told that there is no room to move on the food and to deal with it herself. She’s also been told not to sabotage it for the other junior bridesmaids, which is something I am worried about now that she will see her daughter is actually excluded from the whole thing.

I doubt they will come, and I don’t think she had any intention of attending unless her daughter could be the centre of attention. It really is like her daughter is the bride with all the demands.