June Top Story Roundup

| Right | July 1, 2012

June Top Story Roundup: From a bite-sized Batman to bigots getting the boot, here are our top-rated stories for the month of June!

  1. The Dark Chocolate Knight (3,446 thumbs up)
    Gotham is safe, as long as this pint-sized Batman is around!
  2. Alls Well That Bookends Well (3,004 thumbs up)
    Two former pranksters fess-up and pay-up for their past shennanigans.
  3. To Conjugate A Thief (2,479 thumbs up)
    If you’re gonna steal, don’t say it in a foreign language the employee knows!
  4. Dingbats In The Drive-Thru (2,474 thumbs up)
    A careless, door-dinging customer gets caught red-handed.
  5. Intolerable Intolerance (2,377 thumbs up)
    A bigoted couple gets the boot from a couple in love!

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