Jumping To The Obvious

, , , , | Friendly | October 24, 2018

(I’m a college student, and I’ve gone to the store to buy groceries. I’m about to leave when my car dies, so I need a jump. I’m standing by my car holding a pair of jumper cables in hopes that some kind person will help me. A blonde girl in her 20s walks by.)

Girl: “Do you need any help?”

Me: “Yes! My car is dead. Can you use your car to help me jump mine?”

Girl: “Sure! Just drive your car over to mine! It’s at the other side of the parking lot.”

Me: “That’s going to be kind of difficult, seeing as my car won’t start.”

Girl: “Really? Okay, I guess I can drive my car over.”

(We did eventually get my car to start, and the girl was really nice, but it’s people like this that make me want to hit my head against a wall.)

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