Jumped Through Hoops To Shoot Hoops

| Friendly | June 6, 2014

(My church is very small, so we rent a building just under a mile away for our youth group. My friend is 17 and has his license and a car.)

Friend: “Can I go get the basketball hoop from the church?”

Youth Leader: “Sure.”

(About 20 minutes later my friend has not returned.)

Youth Leader: “Where’s [Friend]?”

11-Year-Old Youth Member: “He ran to the church to get the basketball hoop.”

Youth Leader: “He should have been back by now.”

(My youth leader then went outside to see if my friend was coming. It turned out that my friend literally ran to the church and was carrying the basketball hoop back to the youth building. He was stopped by a police officer who thought that the hoop was stolen. My youth leader had to explain the situation to the officer.)

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