“Jump” Past This Failed Attempt

, , , , , | Right | August 29, 2018

(I am an assistant manager at a local gas station and convenience store. I am male. A customer in his mid-50s comes in playing “Jump” by Van Halen on his phone. He grabs a few things and orders a sandwich at our deli counter. I like the song; the man has good taste I think, until he comes to pay. He sets his phone on the counter without looking at it. I’m shocked to see the video accompanying the song, which is a pornography compilation of women showing their breasts. I say nothing, waiting for him to notice as I ring out his items. After 30 seconds or so, he looks down and acts surprised.)

Customer: “Oh! What’s that?! I don’t even know…”

(He exits the video, and I realize it wasn’t some popup or anything. It was a video sent to him on Facebook messenger, which meant it was clearly intentional to view it.)

Customer: “Hah, sorry about that! I don’t… I don’t know how that got on there!”

Me: “It’s fine, sir. Here’s your bag.”

Customer: “I hope you didn’t get too excited, though!” *laughs*

Me: “If I did, my boyfriend might be a little weirded out. Have a nice night.”

(The customer went wide-eyed, nodded, and left, muttering how he didn’t know how the video started.)

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