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Judged By The Beast

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(One of my closest friends is a youth pastor, and he has asked me to come to his church to judge a talent show. Before the talent show starts, my friend takes me and three other judges to another room to instruct us on what to do. He also gives us each a set of signs with large numbers printed on them, so that we can hold up our scores for each performance.)

Judge #1: “Hey, I just realized I don’t have a 6 in my set of signs.”

Judge #2: “It’s not just you; I’m missing a 6, too.”

([Judge #3] and I also check our signs. We’re also missing the number 6.)

Judge #3: “Oh, I know why! Maybe [Friend] didn’t give us any sixes so we don’t accidentally hold up a 666!”

(This kind of makes sense, considering where we are, and the judges seem content with that answer.)

Me: “Or you know, you could just hold the 9 upside-down, and [Friend] was trying to conserve paper and ink.”

Judge #3: “Err… yes, that is also a possibility.”

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