Judged As A Scam

| Working | May 20, 2017

(I am a paralegal, and part of my job is to keep telemarketers and scammers from getting through to my boss.)

Guy: *on Phone* “Hello, am I speaking to the business owner?”

Me: “I am her assistant; may I help you?”

Guy: “Yes, I am [Obviously Fake Name] from [Obviously Fake Help Center], and I am calling to alert you that your computer has a virus!”

Me: “Oh, really?”

Guy: “Yes, and in order to salvage all your data, you will need to provide us with—”

Me: “Okay, first of all, I am fully aware this is a scam.”

Guy: “Miss, I assure you that—”

Me: “Second of all, you do realize you’ve called an attorney’s office?”

Guy: “…”

Me: “A practicing attorney on friendly terms with three local court judges. And whose caller ID identifies your phone number as [phone number], your business name as ‘Unlisted, Unknown,’ and YOUR name as—”

Guy: *slams down the phone*

Attorney: *from her office next door* “You are the first and best line of defence!”

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