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Jou Know Jour Name

| Learning | January 31, 2017

(I am getting ready for an exam in the studies of children’s development with an old teacher who is not very liked by everyone. She refuses to use a microphone during her lessons or listen to anything her students say. It is common knowledge that I have grown up in the States. During the whole period of getting ready for my exams, I start to notice she’s spelling my name in the American way with a ‘y’ instead of a ‘j’ though it’s pronounced the same. This is kind of important as the exams has a third party member called a sensor who isn’t from the school and can fail me for ‘not appearing to the exam’.)

Me: “Umm, [Teacher], you’ve spelled my name wrong. It’s with a ‘j’ not a ‘y’.”

Teacher: “No, it’s not. I know how to spell it. This is the American way.”

Me: “But I’m not American, [Teacher]. It’s a classic Danish name. And I think I’d know how to spell my own name. It’s with a ‘j’.”

(She makes a dismissive move of her hand and tells me we need to focus on my exams instead. This keeps up for about two months where I’m slowly getting irritated that she’s not listening. When the exam finally comes around I met up to the appointed time and meet with my teacher and sensor. I greet them both before my sensor looks confused at my exam paper and then at me.)

Sensor: “Are you sure it’s your exam’s time? According to the schedule it’s [My Name] with a ‘y’.”

Teacher: “She probably spelled it wrong on her paper. This is the [My Name].”

(At this point of time I’m extremely irritated by my teacher and even my sensor is looking disbelievingly at her. I explain again that it’s with a ‘j’ and let it lie until I’m done with the exams, which I thankfully pass.)

Teacher: “Why did you correct me about your name before?:

(Considering I had my grade now and would never have her again, I called her an idiot to her face and explained she’s the only person I’ve met in Denmark who’s made the mistake. EVER.)

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