This Joke Is The Camel’s Nose That Leads To Future Embarrassment

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(I am about four. Usually Mum gets the groceries with my grandparents and me. For whatever reason, my dad decides to join us one day, possibly to distract me, as my brother is only a few months old. Dad has an odd sense of humour.)

Me: *pointing at a kiwi fruit* “Daddy! What’s that?”

Dad: “It’s a camel’s egg.”

Me: “Okay.”

(Nothing more is said. The next time I’m shopping with mum, I run to produce and point out the kiwi fruit.)

Me: “Mummy! Look! It’s a camel’s egg!”

(Everyone stopped and stared, and Mum was so embarrassed that she grabbed me and took off. Dad thought it was hilarious. It’s over 20 years on, and I STILL call them camel’s eggs, much to the displeasure of my partner. Mum can now see why Dad thought it was so funny, though.)

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