John McClane, We Have A Problem

| Romantic | February 9, 2016

(My husband is a big movie buff, so at goodly portion of our conversations involve movie quotes, and we have a huge – and ever increasing – movie collection. He’s browsing Amazon’s daily Blu-ray sales.)

Husband: “Hey, Apollo 13 has a 20th Anniversary Edition out.”

Me: “20th? No way, it only came out in… Wow. Never mind. I’m just going to sit here and feel old now.”

(As he’s six years older than me, he gives me a pointed look.)

Me: “You know what I mean! It just suddenly hit home that I’m well and truly in my 30s.”

Husband: “Understood. I could always quote Die Hard, if you want.”

Me: “Oh?”

Husband: “Welcome to the party, pal.”

Me: “Yipee-ki-yay, mother-f*****!”

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