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Jiggly Logic

| Working | September 9, 2013

(My coworker and I are having a small discussion on Pokémon, specifically the original 151. I have also just proven that I still remember how Jigglypuff’s song goes.)

Coworker: “What would you do if you woke up and found you had a Jigglypuff for a head?”

Me: “I’d make money.”

Coworker: “How?”

Me: “There’d be a way.”

Coworker: “Okay, what if the government made it illegal to make money from having a Pokémon for a head?”

Me: “That’s impossible.”

Coworker: “So the possibility of having a Pokémon for a head is okay, but the government making it illegal to make money from it is what’s impossible?”

Me: “We have to draw the line somewhere.”

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