Jesus Promised Eternal Life And Free Tacos

, , , , | Right | November 25, 2018

(I am a shift manager at a fast food restaurant. A new assistant store manager has just joined our team from another store, and it’s her first day here.)

Customer: “Any chance I can get some free tacos?”

Assistant: “Sorry, I can’t give away free food. I could be fired.”

Customer: “What?! You can’t give me two tacos?”

(This goes on, with the assistant manager reiterating that she can’t give away food, and the customer insisting she should.)

Customer: “You know what? Fine!” *throws a sign across the counter*

Me: “Hey! You need to leave now!”

Customer: “Jesus would have given me free tacos!”

(He then picks up the register and throw it towards me. Luckily, it’s still plugged in and doesn’t go far. He then storms out. For the rest of the day we have to take front-counter orders on the drive-thru register.)

Me: *to the assistant manager* “So… welcome to your new store!”

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