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What Would Jesus Discount?, Part 5

, , , , , , | Right | March 31, 2018

(At this time, I am working at fast food place known for its ice cream. We are in the middle of a popular promotion where if you buy one of our signature products, you get the second one for 99 cents. There are several signs all over the store, including one sitting on the register. A man comes in with his wife and two younger children. It happens to be Easter Sunday.)

Me: *smiling* “Hi! Welcome to [Restaurant]. What can I get you?”

(The man is pleasant enough, and orders food for his family, as well as one of our signature products for himself. I’m about to ask him if he wants the 99 cent one, but he looks right at the promotional sign on our register, appears to read it, then goes back to ordering. The little boy’s meal doesn’t come with a drink, so I ask what he wants to drink.)

Customer: *ignores his son, who is asking for pop* “He’ll just have water.”

(I hand him one of our free water cups. We rely on customers being honest and generally don’t have an issue with them trying to get free drinks out of us by taking a water cup and getting pop instead. Apparently, the boy has no issues with it and immediately fills it up with pop. I wince, because though he’s technically stealing, I’m not allowed to say anything about it. I wait for the dad to reprimand him. He doesn’t, so I reluctantly let it go. As he’s paying…)

Customer: *as he hands me his money* “Today is such a good day.”

Me: *nods absently as I count out his change* “Yup, the weather is really nice today.”

Customer: “Oh, no, today is a good day because it’s the day Christ rose for us after dying for our sins!”

(Not being particularly religious, I simply smile politely and finish handing out his change, and he sits down. When he comes up to the counter a few minutes later for his food, he notices the promotional signs.)

Customer: “Oh! I didn’t notice that earlier. Could I get my second one now?”

Me: “I’m so sorry, sir, but by our policy, you have to buy both during the same transaction to get the promotional offer.”

Customer: *frowning* “But you know I already bought one.”

Me: *smiling apologetically* “I know it seems silly, but even if you haven’t left the store, I have to follow policy. The owners are pretty strict about being consistent. I’m really sorry.”

(The man stands there for a minute, looking at the signs on the menu, then looks back to me smiling.)

Customer: “I think Jesus would want you to give me the 99 cent [Item].”

Me: *taken off guard* “I… I’m sorry, sir, but I still can’t break policy.”

Customer: *shrugs and starts to take his food back to his seat* “Well, Jesus loves you, anyway!”

(The man and his family finished their meals without incident, but I have to say, that was the first time I’d ever had anyone use Jesus as a way to get around a policy, and after letting their child steal!)


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