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Jesus Came Down On The Back Of A Tyrannosaurus

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At a family gathering, I, the oldest and only adult grandchild with twenty-five-plus immediate cousins, am playing games and telling stories with all the kids. They get really interested in my husband’s work as a cook, and the conversation somehow shifts to him teaching the kids about vegetables and how differently Americans tend to make them compared to other countries. This brings him to discussing how humans have been hunting and gathering for food. Note that most of my family are part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, while my husband and I are not.

Husband: “Okay, you know where our ancestors are from, right? Where do they say our ancestors come from?”

An eight-year-old cousin pipes up.


Me: *Cracks up* “He’s asking where we’re from, not how humans were created!”

At least, I assume that’s how it works in their belief system

Cousin: “Oh… JESUS CHRIST!”

Me: “Honey… you need to tell them what ‘ancestors’ means first because they have zero idea what you’re talking about.”

My husband explains and the kids seem to get it.

Husband: “Okay, and what did our ancestors eat?”

Cousin: “DINOSAURS!”

My husband finally stopped asking questions and just went on with his point. I silently laughed and wondered what interesting teachings I’ve missed in the church.