Jerk Your Chain

, , , , | Friendly | January 24, 2019

I have a friend who is elderly, disabled, and quite overweight. He mentioned that he is “always losing his glasses” at home — he rarely goes out. In his situation, even walking ten steps or so is big deal, so going to the bedroom from the kitchen, for example, just to fetch the glasses is a big deal.

I am a girl on a tight budget, but I find $7.00 to purchase him a chain for his glasses so they can hang around his neck. This way he can keep track of them until he needs them again.

All is well and good for two weeks. Then, while a few of us are over at his place, he offers the chain to a lady. Now, I have zero romantic interest in the guy, and I think he was trying to impress, the lady. But still!

As I realized what he was doing — re-gifting my gift to him before my very eyes — I gasped quite loudly. He informed me that “once a gift is given, the receiver can do with it as he pleases.”

Okay, then. Next time you ask me to run all over your house to look for your glasses, guess who will:

  1. not hear you,
  2. be in the middle of something “important,” and,
  3. remind you that you once had a lovely chain to help you keep track of your glasses?

Am I the jerk? Or is he?

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