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Jelly Bean Meets Jelly Mean

, , , , , | Right | June 7, 2021

I am at the cashier desk servicing customers. I have already served this girl a bus card, and while she is still hanging around, I don’t think anything of it; customers often hang around while friends are getting their cards recharged. I keep working my way through a line about five deep, and when I’m done, I notice that the girl and her boyfriend are still waiting off to the side, nowhere near a register and clearly not a part of a line.

I smile, and ask:

Me: “Did you guys need anything else?” 

Girl: “Yeah, these jelly beans!”

Me: “Great, I’m happy to serve you here! But just for future reference, we do have clearly marked lines for registers. I’m sorry, I didn’t think you—”

She cuts me off and says rather snootily:

Girl: “Well, we didn’t know! No need to be so rude about it!”

I’m perplexed as it’s quite clear, especially at the moment with social distancing stickers on the floor and the plexiglass around the registers where the line would be, and I didn’t think I had been rude. 

Me: “O-oh… um… that will be $2.99… it’s just… I had no idea you were in the line, and for quicker service, being in the line is best! I’m sorry for the wait.”

They walk away and I think that is that. As I go to serve another customer, I hear a thwack but don’t think anything of it.

Coworker: “They just threw a jelly bean at you.”

I blinked and turned around, and sure enough, there was a jelly bean on the ground. I was a little ticked at this, as it could have hit a customer, but ultimately found it hilarious.

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