Jehovah’s Witless, Part 3

| Friendly | June 14, 2015

(This happened to my boyfriend, who is quite a rough looking guy. He’s working on his car, while listening to loud music when the doorbell rings. Two gentlemen are at the door. When they see my boyfriend’s posture, his grease-stained rockband shirt, cargo pants, and denim jacket full of band patches, both men are just staring at him awestruck.)

Boyfriend: “Uhm, can I help you gentlemen?”

Man: *in a tiny voice* “Good day! Erm… you don’t have anything with religion, do you?”

Boyfriend: *oblivious* “Eh… no?”

Man: “Okay. Have a nice day then!”

(Both of them scurry off, and only after they did, my boyfriend realized he just experienced the easiest way ever to get rid of Jehovah’s Witnesses.)

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