Jealousy Is A (Rude) Green-Eyed Monster

| Owen Sound, ON, Canada | Right | December 13, 2011

(I am helping a customer in line when the phone starts ringing.)

Customer: “Here, I’ll fix that.” *picks up phone and hangs up*

Me: “Sir, you can’t do that. The people calling are customers, too.”

Customer: “I don’t want anyone to come between us.”

(The phone starts ringing again.)

Customer: “You need to help me first!”

Me: “Sir, I promise not to answer the phone until we’re finished.”

Customer: “I can’t take that chance!” *hangs up the phone again*

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  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    Okay, that is absolutely unacceptable. Next time the phone rings, I would stop everything I was doing with in-store customer and deal with telephone customer, no matter how long it takes.
    If they’re still in the store when you’re done, “Next time, sir, LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE.”