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Japanese Love Hotel

| Related | March 3, 2014

(I’ve just turned nine, and my family is going on vacation, but there isn’t a room to be found. We get pretty much the last room in the town, a partially renovated honeymoon suite. One of the things they’ve done is remove the mirror that used to be over the bed. It’s pretty obvious because the ceiling was red when it was hung, and it’s white now. It’s the very first thing I notice when I enter the room.)

Me: “Look!” *points excitedly at ceiling* “It’s the flag of Japan!”

(My parents both try their hardest to stifle their laughter.)

Mom: “Very true! Good job.”

Me: *wonderingly* “Do all the rooms have foreign flags on the roof?”

Mom: *still trying very hard not to laugh out loud* “I don’t think so, dear. We just got the international room.”

Me: “Oh, okay.” *looks at ceiling again* “That’s so cool!”

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