Jane Eurgh

| Learning | April 1, 2017

(We are doing review for an upcoming exam for literature class. We list and describe various characters from the books we’ve read while the professor writes them on the whiteboard.)

Professor: “All right, name me some characters from Jane Eyre, besides the obvious.”

Student #1: *dramatically* “Mr. Rochester!”

Professor: “Very good, [Student #1]. I like how you called him Rocky in the last quiz.”

Student #2: *to Student #1* “You called Mr. Rochester ‘Rocky’ on the quiz?”

Student #1: “Rochy, Rocky, whatever. I got tired of writing his name so many times.”

Professor: “All right, what other characters do we have?”

Student #3: “Mr. Brocklehurst.”

Student #1: “More like Mr. Broccoli.”

Student #4: “Broccoli-hurst.”

Student #2: “I just like calling him The Worst.”

Student #1: “Broccoli-Worst!”

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