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I’ve Seen Every Episode Of “House”; That Doesn’t Make Me An Expert

, , , , , | Working | November 16, 2022

I received a call during work about my former husband being involved in a rather nasty traffic accident. I will not reveal the details, but I will say that he needed his legs amputated. I had to leave work early and be by his side.

When I finally come back to work, I sit in the break room and tell my coworker about this.

Me: “The doctors acted quickly, and I am grateful for that. Otherwise, he would have died of shock.”

My coworker comforts me when I start crying again. The manager is in the room at the time, although I don’t notice.

Later, when I am working, he pulls me aside and frowns at me with his arms crossed.

Manager: “Did [Former Husband] really get into an accident, or did you just want time off?”

Me: *Shocked* “He… He did. I can show you the photos—”

Manager: *Patronising* “You can’t die of shock, [My Name]; that’s a stupid Victorian idea.”

The senior manager is walking past and stops.

Senior Manager: “She doesn’t mean being horrified, [Manager]; she means sepsis.”

Manager: “Well, I watch medical shows, so I think I know more than you.”

He walked off. The senior manager told me to ignore him. When I came in the next day, I brought photos of my husband in his hospital bed for everybody to look at.

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