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I’ve Got A Ticket To Deride, Part 2

| Working | November 18, 2016

(I work technical support at a company’s internal help desk. For submitted tickets requiring approval or rejection, the approving individual must perform these actions; we have nothing to do with them or the process.)

Caller: “I’m unable to reject a ticket. I need to know how to reject a ticket.”

Me: “Well, generally speaking, as the approver, you should receive an email with a link to reject and a link to approve the ticket—”

Caller: *interrupting* “I didn’t get that. My manager forwarded me the ticket link and asked me to reject it. I opened the link and added notes, but when I clicked ‘Update’ it approved the ticket. I need that changed. Why did it do that?”

Me: “Unfortunately, we do not have access to change approvals nor are we approvers of tickets, so we do not use those functions. Also, once approved, the ticket moves forward to fulfillment. However, we can send a ticket to the [Ticket System] team and they can go in and reject the request.”

Caller: “Okay. But why did it do that? What’s the difference between ‘Update’ and ‘Save’? They should be the same.”

Me: “That is again something [Ticket System] team would need to answer. Since we are not approvers we do not use those functions and cannot attest to the difference, I can add the query to the ticket I am sending them so they can answer.”

Caller: “But why did it approve like that? Why couldn’t I reject it? What is the difference between the buttons?”

Me: “Again, we do not know—”

Caller: *interrupts again* “Why didn’t you just say so instead of trying to answer? What lousy service. Lousy b******.” *hangs up*

Me: *turning to colleagues* “Can I reach through to phone and hurt someone?”

Colleague: “You can try.”

I’ve Got A Ticket To Deride

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