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It’s Time You Flu Back To A Simpler Time

, , , , , | Right | August 5, 2020

I am standing in line at a drug store pharmacy waiting for the pharmacy tech to finish with another customer. A woman barges past the line up to the counter.

Customer: “You do free flu shots here, right?”

Tech: “I’m helping another customer at the moment, ma’am.”

Customer: “But flu shots are free here?”

Tech: *Forcing a smile* “Through your insurance, they are generally free, yes.”

Customer: “You have to have insurance?”

The tech looks at the first customer apologetically, but he nods for her to deal with the woman.

Tech: “You can still get one without insurance, ma’am, but it won’t be free.”

Customer: “You’re what’s wrong with this country. If I get sick, I’ll miss work!”

Tech: “I’m sorry, ma’am. There’s nothing I can do about that.”

Customer: “Give me my flu shot!”

Tech: “I can see how much it would cost for you, if you would like, once I’m done with this customer.”

Customer: “You give it to everyone else free! Give me my flu shot!”

Tech: “I’m sorry, ma’am. We can’t do that.”

Customer: “You just don’t want to! You want me to get fired! You’re what’s wrong with this country!”

Tech: *Giving a tight smile* “If you say so, ma’am.”

Customer: “If I get sick, I’m coming and coughing on you!”

The customer storms off as suddenly as she came and we all look at each other in shock. The customer at the counter gives the tech a sympathetic smile.

Customer #2: “At least you’ll have had your flu shot!”

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