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It’s Time To Face The Music… Eventually

| Learning | January 29, 2017

(My university accommodation has a music room with a piano. In order to use it, students just have to exchange their ID for a key at the reception desk. One day there was only one employee at the desk so I got in line behind three students. The first student did something complicated that took several minutes. I knew I could ask the receptionist for the key while the student was filling out forms and so on but I didn’t want to cut the line. When the next student began something equally complicated, I turned to the student directly in front of me.)

Me: “Is what you’re here for going to be quick?”

Other Student: “No, It’ll take several minutes.”

Me: “I just need the key to the music room. Could I go in front of you?”

Other Student: “No, I have a lecture starting in fifteen minutes.”

Me: “It’ll only take a few seconds. I literally just have to hand her my student ID.”

Other Student: “No, I’m really in a hurry.”

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