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It’s The Most Wonderful Time To Sing

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(It’s a few days before Christmas. It’ll be a couple of days before the restaurant gets busy again. This evening is pretty quiet; we only have about ten tables occupied. One table is a group of four fairly loud Americans; we get a lot of tourists in our little city. They’re all about forty or fifty years old, drinking a LOT, but overall being very polite and friendly. They’re not bothering anyone, either, just getting amused looks from the other tables and smiling back brightly. I am enjoying this evening intensely, as are my coworkers. We’re all having fun serving people and everyone is content. I go to check on the Americans.)

Me: “Hello again! Anything else I can get you guys?”

Guest #1: “I’m gonna get another wine. How about you?”

Guest #2: *lifting his glass* “Hit me!”

Me: *giggling* “Absolutely!” *suddenly unable to stop myself, I start singing* “It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeaar…”

Guest #3: *practically shouting* “HEY, SHE SINGS! SHE CAN SING!”

Guest #1: “Huh?”

Guest #2: “Yeah, you were singing, weren’t you?”

Me: *blushing like my face is on fire* “Um… yes. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

Guest #4: “Well, don’t apologise!”

Guest #3: “IT’S THE MOOOOST WONDERFUL TIIIIIME OF THE YEEEE… Well, come on, sing it with me!”

Me: “Um… I actually don’t know any of the other lyrics… I could sing you another song, though.”

Guest #2: “Yes! Go!”

Me: *now completely over my embarrassment* “Okie dokie…”

(I sing “Powder Your Face With Sunshine,” complete with gestures. The guests film it.)

Guest #3: “My God, you’re the best! Okay, honey, I found the lyrics! Come on, sing with me!”

(We then proceeded to sing “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” in the nearly empty restaurant… loudly. They tipped about 20%, but even without that, this would’ve been the best pre-Christmas ever. I love my job. And I love people.)

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