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It’s Taking Extra-Long For This Clerk To Figure It Out

| Working | April 10, 2013

(My parents are buying furniture for their new home. My dad wanders off to look at sofas, while mom goes to buy a bed. Note:  Mom is 4’11”.)

Mom:  “Hi! I’d like to buy an extra-long bed.”

Clerk: “You don’t need an extra-long bed. Let me show you our regular beds.”

Mom:  “No, you don’t understand. I DO need an extra-long bed!”

Clerk:  “Ma’am, I don’t want to disagree with a customer, but you clearly do NOT need an extra-long bed.”

Mom:  “Please, will you just show me the extra-long beds?”

Clerk:  “Ma’am, I keep telling you, you don’t need an extra-long bed!”

(At this point my dad shows up… all 6’3″ of him. He walks over to Mom and puts his arm around her.)

Clerk: “You need an extra-long bed!”

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